To place an order, go to the product you need.

  • If it is a simple item, include it directly into your shopping cart and that’s it.
  • There are other products for which you have to choose between different compositions, make your choice and include it in your cart.
  • When you have your complete list, check that everything is correct.
  • Follow the following steps where we will include shipping costs.
  • Later you can choose the payment method (Credit card, Paypal, Transfer or Cash on delivery).
  • As soon as we receive the confirmation of payment, we will pass the order to Design. This process begins with the sending of an email with a graphic view of the products requested so that you can confirm we have understood everything correctly. Our graphic views are our main work tool. Take your time. We will wait for your answer to pass your order to production. In this same email we can also confirm the delivery time.