Splitter audio MIC & LINE. Flight case (Briefcase) format.


Mic / Line level audio Splitter for connecting and distributing audio signals with galvanic isolation.
Features High quality transformers.
Transformer Lundahl
Place Portable.
Format Flight case (Briefcase)
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.
Channels 8 Channels 16 Channels 24 Channels
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Nombre:Name:Flight caseFlight case
Material:Material:Bisagras y cierres:Hinges and lockings:Chapa cincadaGalvanized sheet
Asa encastrada:Built-in handle:Chapa cincadaGalvanized sheet
Cantoneras:Corners:Chapa cincadaGalvanized sheet
Patines de madera:Wood foot:Depende de la dimensiónDepends on dimmension
Ruedas:Wheels:Depende de la dimensionDepends on dimmension
Superfice:Surface:Madera contrachapada y cara exterior recubierta de pvc de 6mmPlywood and exterior face covered with 6mm PVC
Revestimiento interno:Inner coating:Foam 5mmFoam 5mm
Panel de conexiones:Connection pannel:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Acabado:Finish:Acabado interior:Inside finish:Recubrimiento electroestático en polvo 100-150 µ. Bajo petición, color e Impresión directa con texto, logotipos, etc.Powder electrostatic covering 100-150 μ. Colour on request. Direct print with text, logos, etc. on request.

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