Success story

Ninetai audio studios (Taiwan)

The NineTai Audio group was founded in 2006 in New Taipei, Taiwan.

They carry out professional audio projects such as recording, live sound, rehearsal studios…

Through our client Omega Lam, from the Hong Kong-based company L-Supply limited, we designed Digi Rack Box PTRS0578 to solve the problem of organizing wiring for NineTai Audio rehearsal room and live shows:

We want to have a clean and tidy patching and wiring system for our costumer’s rehearsal room and live shows

The Digi Rack Box PTRS0578 designed for our customer is a 64-channel connection system that consists of: Remote box input module (4 x LK 54) and signal patching module (before sending the signal).

ninetai audio 1

Foto: Cortesía de Omega Lam, L-Supply limited