What are the advantages of having an active press splitter?2019-12-16T13:27:41+01:00

In an active splitter it is possible to amplify the audio output signal, as well as to visualize the input / output levels by means of led type monitoring. In an active splitter there is also no insertion loss, but it must always be powered by electric current for working.

What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?2019-12-16T14:00:31+01:00

1080i refers to a digital video signal of 1080 lines in interlaced video. Normally the 1920 pixel data is ignored. So the definition of the complete signal is 1920 x 1080i, a signal with a binary regime of 1.5 Gbps.

1080p refers to a digital video signal of 1080 lines in progressive video. Normally the 1920 pixel data is ignored. So the definition of the complete signal is 1920 x 1080p, signal with a binary regime of 3 Gbps.

“I connect the auxiliary output of my console to the splitter input using a RCA to XLR cable and the signal does not reach my camera”2019-12-16T13:14:19+01:00

In a cable with one end in RCA and the other in XLR, we are using an unbalanced connection (RCA) at one end and balanced connection (XLR) at the other end. In order these connections can be adapted and the audio signal can be transmitted correctly from one end to the other, the cable configuration must be taken into account.

Making the connection of the RCA connector according to an unbalanced connector (the positive to the tip and the ground to the chassis) at the end with the balanced XLR connector, we follow what the AES14-1992 (R2009) standard tells us: make a bridge of union between pin 1 and 3.

Is it possible to make a multicore with the components that I need?2019-12-16T13:02:23+01:00

In Pinanson we have in stock the most demanded series of cables and multicores within the audiovisual market.

Manufacturing a multicore with the components required by a specific customer,is possible at a minimum order of 2000 m.

To send 1080 video signal to 100m which cable do I need?2019-12-16T12:55:45+01:00

To know which coaxial cable can be used to transmit a particular digital video signal, you must know exactly the most critical signal that is intended to be sent by that cable.

If our fixed parameter is the distance (since we know that we want to cover about 100 m) we have to know the definition of the image that we want to transmit.

“1080” as data does not solve much since within 1080 lines we need to know if it is progressive or interlaced video. It depends on this data that 1.5 Gbps (HD-SDI) or 3Gbps (3G-SDI) are transmitted through the cable and depending on the data capacity to be transmitted, a cable with one diameter or another is required.

Following this example with Pinanson cables for 100 m and a 1080i signal you can use the VDK6.0 cable and for 1080p the VDK7.0 cable.

What are the differences between SDI and SD signal?2019-12-16T12:30:58+01:00

SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface and SD stands for Standard Definition.

When we talk about an SD-SDI signal we talk about a standard digital video signal this means:

Format: 4: 3/720 pix. × 576i active lines / Binary Regime: 270 Mbps
Format: 16: 9/960 pix. × 576i active lines / Binary Regime: 360 Mbps

There are people who confuse and refer to the SDI signal when it means SD, this can lead to error since the SDI signal can be SD, HD, 3G, 6G or 12G.

Why do I find active splitters so cheap online?2019-12-16T12:27:20+01:00

Before comparing prices we must be aware of the characteristics of the equipment we are looking for. Normally what makes an audio splitter expensive are the transformers, used to galvanically isolate both the inputs and outputs of the audio signals. Offering an audio signal without distortion in the audio frequency band (20Hz-20KHz) requires transformers that use high quality materials and a very careful construction. This is translated into a high price component.

What are the differences between an active and a passive splitter?2019-12-16T12:21:49+01:00

A passive splitter does not require electric current for working. As it operates passively through transformers there is also a small insertion loss per connected load that, as long as the input audio has a correct line level, will not be a limitation in its use. It is a device that can be used anywhere without having to have a power outlet.

An active splitter requires electric current for its operation since it offers functions such as amplification of the audio output and monitoring of the levels by means of LEDs. It is a device, therefore, that requires a power outlet to operate.

How can you measure the flexibility of a cable?2019-12-16T12:20:05+01:00

The flexibility of a cable or multicore is measured with the parameter: Minimum bend radius.

The minimum radius of curvature is the smallest radius allowed for a cable to be bent. So, the smaller that radius is, the more flexibility the cable will have.

What does Universe mean when we talk about DMX?2019-12-16T12:18:32+01:00

The DMX512 protocol is based on the use of channels to transmit control orders to the lighting equipment that supports them. This protocol works with a maximum of 512 channels per universe, therefore, when we talk about a DMX universe we talk about 512 channels.

A universe is transmitted by a 120 ohm balanced cable terminated with 3 or 5-pin XLR connectors.

What is difference between Category cables: CAT5, 5e, 6, 6A …?2019-12-16T12:16:14+01:00

Structured cabling, also called voice and data communications cabling, is the connection infrastructure standardized by TIA / EIA and by IEEE for telephone systems or local area networks (LAN). These regulations are TIA / EIA 568 and IEEE 802.3. Today, category cabling is also part of the audiovisual world.

This type of cable is composed of 4 twisted pairs (shielded or not) with impedance of 100 Ω. The conductor section will depend on the category, but they range from 24-23 AWG. The greater the category, the greater the diameter.

The different categories are named with numbers as follows: CAT.5, CAT.5E, CAT.6, CAT.6A, CAT.7, CAT.8.

Physically categories can be distinguished by the diameter of the conductors and especially by the turning torque of the pairs. The higher the category the turn will be smaller.

What does the IP grade refer to?2019-12-16T12:14:16+01:00

The IP grade of a product refers to the degree of tightness that the product have.

The IP code is a coding system to indicate the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure (box, flight case …) with respect to solid body and water penetration. This code is made up of two numbers of one digit each, located immediately after the letters “IP” and independent of each other.

First figure: indicates the people protection against access to dangerous parts and against the penetration of foreign solid bodies.

Second figure: indicates the protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against the effects of water penetration.

What do the acronym CPR mean?2019-12-16T12:12:25+01:00

The acronym CPR stands for Construction Products Regulation. It is a European regulation EU 305-2011 that entered into full force in July 2017 and which establishes the basic requirements and harmonized essential characteristics that all products intended for construction must comply with the scope of application in the EU.

Cables are the only electrical products considered as a product of construction and therefore apply to cables that will be used in a fixed installation. Power, telecommunications, data and control cables are included. Those cables intended for the connection of devices or internal wiring of electrical equipment or devices are expressly excluded.

The cables affected by this regulation must be marked with the CE mark and its class of fire reaction performance.

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