Cable and Mutlicore for Audio, Video, DMX, Data, Power, Hybrid and Fibre Optic.

  • Audio (11)

    Analogue and Digital Audio multicores and cables. For live events (concerts, broadcast...) and installations.
  • Vídeo (11)

    Analogue and Digital Video multicores and cables. Triax cables for professional camera. Coaxial cable for RF. For live events and installations.
  • Data (5)

    Data cables for Networked audio. CAT.6 F/UTP with double overall sheath. Hybrid multicores with CAT.6A/6/5E cables and digital audio, power...For live events (concerts, broadcast...).
  • Hybrid (8)

    Hybrid multicores with overall sheath with a combination of Audio, Video, Data, DMX and Power cables. For live events (concerts, broadcast...).
  • Fibre Optic (1)

    Fibre optic cables for indoors and outdoors (PUR sheaths, dielectric armour...)
  • DMX512 (2)

    DMX multicores and cables. Hybrid multicores with a combination of DMX and power cables. For live events (concerts, broadcast...).
  • Power (3)

    Power and Speaker multicores and cables.
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