It is a standard which define a type of connector for use in the connection between the camera and the CCU for Broadcasting and high definition professional video combining electrical and optical signals (copper and fiber).

The SMPTE 304 connector is made to be used with a cable under the SMPTE standard also, in this case, SMPTE 311 standard. This cable consists of:

2 Single-mode fibers (see Single-Mode Fibre):
9.5 µm/125 µm
Wavelength 1250-1625 nm.
≤0.8 dB/Km
2, 4 or 8 Power conductors (Auxiliary Conductors according to standard):
Voltage: 600 Vac
Current: 10 A
Section: 0.6 mm2
2 Low Voltage conductors (control or signal) (Signal Conductors according to standard):
Voltage: de 42 Vac a 60 Vac
Current: 1 A
Section: 0.22 mm2
What signals are transmitted?

This hybrid cable transmits video, audio and control (signal between the camera and its CCU) delivering power signal also.

What are the benefits?

The main advantage is that it allows higher lengths compare to triaxial cable or coaxial cable without increasing weight and flexibility. The central strength member gives the needed durability for a continuous use.

Where is it used?

This connectivity solution is suitable for transmission in arenas, stadiums or sport events and big installations where long cable runs is required.

Professional cameras examples using SMPTE 304/311:

Alexa Fiber Remote, JVC GY-HM790, Sony cameras with HDCU-2500…