Snake audio Fan-outto Fan-out

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audio Snake for extending audio signals with multicore from Fan-out to Fan-out.
Connectors With the necessary connectors in each case.
Cable &/or multicore Pinanson
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.

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Manguera:Multicore:Manguera de audio PínansonPinanson audio Multicore
Uniones manguera a Pulpo:Multicore to Fan-out couplers:Acero pintado y Poliamida 6Painted steel and Polyamide 6
Revestimiento de los cables:Lining of the cables:PVCPVC
Conectores:Connectors:Neutrik Serie XXNeutrik XX Series
Etiquetas de los cables:Cable labels:PoliésterPolyester
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