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Switch 6 CH Speaker

6 channel selector of headphone level with speaker and headphone monitoring
Features  Input selection and monitoring in the same device
Place Rack screw mounting.
Format Box AR 19”
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.
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EntradasInputs6 desbalanceada estéreo. Jack 1/4". Nivel auriculares.6 stereo unbalanced. 1 Jack 1/4". Headphone level.
SalidasOutputs1 desbalanceada estéreo. Jack 1/4". Nivel auriculares.1 stereo unbalanced. Jack 1/4". Headphone level.
MonitoradoMonitoringMediante altavoces y auricularesBy speakers and headphones
Control ControlActivo. Control de volumen de altavoces y auriculares mediante potenciómetro.Active. Speaker and headphone volume control by potenciometer.
FormatoFormatCaja AR para rack 19"AR box for 19" rack

Datos Técnicos 6 CH con altavoz

Tech Data selector 6 CH with speaker


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