Stage box audio UNI format

audio Stage Box for connecting and distributing audio signals to Multi.
Connectors With the necessary connectors in each case.
Place Portable.
Format Box UNI
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.

AUDIO SIGNALS ON STAGES | Frequent questions

Fully customizable product
We will need you to indicate the connectors you need in this type of product and we will return a graphic view and price.
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Nombre:Name:Caja UNIBox UNI
Material:Material:Panel de conexiones:Connection pannel:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Panel trasero:Rear Panel:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Piezas de uniónUnion partsAluminio 3mmAluminum 3mm
Acabado:Finish:Recubrimiento electroestático en polvo 100-150 µ. Bajo petición, color e Impresión directa con texto, logotipos, etc.Powder electrostatic covering 100-150 μ. Colour on request. Direct print with text, logos, etc. on request.


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