Pinanson gives advices, designs and manufactures customised solutions, following the needs and the directives of every customer. The technical team designs products exclusively based on the customer’s preferences. For this, it is necessary to coordinate the work within every department, strengthened by an expert team that helps the client with every decision. The joint work of its departments allows Pinanson personalise the products in such a way as to optimise every necessity and proportion even the OEM products.


A product designed for you

Our specialty is to manufacture the product you have in mind, perfectly meeting your specific needs. As such, we put our design department at the client’s disposal, which creates the necessary diagrams and graphic views so that you visualise your idea before making it a reality.


Innovation and creation

The R + D + i department is the basis of our entire system. It is in charge of designing our clients’ ideas. Always keeping up to date on new technologies, our research and development team addresses each new product project by expanding and adapting our large catalogue of products to new market trends.


“Bespoke” a common concept

Since 1993, when we acquired our first machining centre, “Bespoke” is a very common concept for us. In our Machining department we can make any piece from 1 unit, something that does not prevent delivery in record time.


The communicating vessels of a professional transmission

Since 1983, Pinanson has taken care of cable as it really is: the communicating vessel of all professional transmission. Each connection deserves exclusive and professional dedication and our team is trained to achieve the best connection and is thus ready to transmit signals of the highest quality.


Assemblies that last forever

The team’s eye for detail in this department is remarkable. It carefully ensures the assembly of connectors and pieces relying on experience and knowing the importance of thorough assembly, from the first to the last piece.


A durable finish and to the client’s preferences

The last stage to finish the product, designed and machined at our facilities, is essential to enable 100% bespoke manufacturing. Our paint department works with the best materials and the most durable adhesive processes.


Your text and logos will personalise the product

In many cases the equipment needs to be identified by certain texts or colours, and some clients want to value-add their product by placing the logo on it. Thanks to the graphic personalization department, Pínanson makes it possible.


100% performance products

In this department they arrange the procedures of production, verification and validation under our quality control system that follows the regulation of ISO – 9001 and that it is followed by the Pinanson team on a daily basis, in a way that all of the products that we produce function with zero error tolerance and they offer the user 100% performance, in accordance to the characteristics and the use for which they were designed.


To meet your delivery expectations

At Pínanson, we are ready to face any delivery emergency. A rigorous IT system always maintains optimal material stocks. Swift delivery is of course one of our top priorities.


More than just repairs

At Pínanson, we work so that our products last forever. As such, we offer technical services that renew the equipment, making the appropriate improvements to revalidate the warranty on products manufactured, either by us or by another manufacturer. You can contact our department via email: or telephone +34 949 385 444