Our investment in research and development is one of the major stakes for our growth and the only way to continue offering, as every day, our excellent audio and video connectivity solutions.
Operating in more than 30 international markets, Pinanson designs and manufactures products guaranteed for quality and adaptability to different uses and preferences from our customers, from small businesses to large TV stations or production companies.

The increasingly Pinanson presence in the international markets, reflects the proven quality of its professional equipments, as a result of its advanced technical developments and their attentive and close compromise with customers. Pinanson has satisfied customers within and outside the EU and United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina and Mexico.
Thus, their Press Splitters range has become an international reference for its reliability, ease of configuration and great adaptability to all technical environments. In the Broadcast field Pinanson develops new systems for the new standard optical fibre transmission.