The Pinanson Digi Rack Box is an interface (creation of the brand) where all the audio signals from the stage converge to the Stage Box of a digital console. It provides Remote boxes connection, Patching, Analogue splitter and connection by multipin.

The following advantages can be highlighted:

  • Protects the connectors of the digital stage box. By means of the digi rack, the send signals can be patched, avoiding doing so directly on the digital stage box. The change due to wear of these connectors will always be more expensive.
  • Greater number of connection points. It allows you to distribute more connection points even if your digital stage box reaches a certain number. In this way, and by means of remote stage boxes, a number of additional connections are available for events in which connections are needed in different zones or connection points.
  • Analog output. When an analog output is needed to send the mic signals to the monitor table and thus have an independence of control from the preamps. Separating PA on the one hand and Monitors on the other.
  • Organization of the wiring through multi-pin connectors. Make the connection / disconnection of up to 64 signals in a single gesture thanks to the multi-pin connection, give your event speed, order and cleanliness