Success story

AES/EBU to AES 3ID converters for Spanish National Radio and Television (RTVE)

The AES3ID protocol is the digital audio transmission protocol of an unbalanced signal through coaxial cable and BNC connectors. Therefore, an existing video wiring installation is used or this wiring is simply chosen as it offers less attenuation over long distances (up to 1000 m).

RNE, through DATOSMEDIA, has incorporated 12 AES/EBU digital signal adapters to AES3ID digital signal and vice versa at its facilities in Prado del Rey and Torrespaña.

The Pinanson PTRS2282 and PTRS2296 adapters passively convert one digital signal to another using passive electronics to perform level and impedance matching.

The system adapts a total of 384 digital signals back and forth through 6 boxes of 64 channels each. All this to carry out the transmission of AES/EBU signals from an NTP PENTA 725 system through AES3ID coaxial cabling.

The equipment, custom-made according to customer needs, are 19” rack boxes with a front with 64 BNC for the AES3ID signal and a rear with 3 SUB-D-50 connections for the AES/EBU signal.

Photo: Courtesy of Angel Luis Panizo of Data Media Technologies