Snake audio 48 channel for DIGICO D2-Rack

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Snake audio 48 channel for DIGICO D2-Rack

Audio Snake for connecting, distributing and extending audio signals from the stage to the Digital Stage Box DIGICO D2-Rack
Features It provides speed in the connection and individualized handling of preamps.
Composed by Digi Rack Box with direct input patch (48 channel), 4 multicores of 15 meters with 4 indiviual remote boxes (12 channel) and 1 multicore of 5 meter from Digi Rack Box to Fan-out (48 channel) at monitors mixing control. The returns panel that will also reflect other Digital Stage Box connections, will be specified directly with the customer according to its configuration.
Connectors Neutrik & Ten 47
Cable &/or multicore Pinanson
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.


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Digi Rack Box (48 channels)

Módulo de entrada de cajas remotas:Remote boxes input module:4 Multipín Circular 37 Hembra (Ten 47)4 Multi Circular 37 Female (Ten 47)Los micrófonos e instrumentos del escenario se conectan a las cajas remotas y estas se conectan al módulo de entrada de cajas remotas de nuestra Digi Rack Box a través de mangueras de audio.The stage microphones and instruments are connected to remote boxes and these are connected to the remote boxes input module of our Digi Rack Box through audio multicores.
Módulo de Patcheo de cajas remotas:Remote boxes patching module:48 Patchcords 60cm con XLR Macho (Neutrik NC 3 MXX)48 Patchcords 60cm with XLR Male (Neutrik NC 3 MXX)Asignamos a cada entrada un canal de la Stage Box Digital a través de un Patch.Each input is assigned a Digital Stage Box channel through a patch.
Módulo de entrada directa en Patch:Direct input patch module:48 XLR Hembra (Neutrik NC 3 FDLXBAG)48 XLR Female (Neutrik NC 3 FDLXBAG)Recoge las entradas directamente en XLRH o bien las entradas que vienen del Módulo anterior.Collects the inputs directly on XLRF or the inputs coming from the previous module.
Módulo de retornos y otras conexionesReturns and other connection module:Se define directamente con el cliente.To be defined with customer direclty.Panel que refleja los retornos de la stage box digital y otras conexiones como BNCs, corriente u otros dependiendo del modelo.Panel that reflects the returns of the digital stage box and other connections such as BNCs, current or others depending on the model.
Módulo de salida analógica:Analogue output module:1 Multipín Circular 150 Macho (Ten 47)1 Multi Circular 150 Male (Ten 47)Permite tener una salida analógica extra a través de multiconector.Allows an extra analogue output via Multi.
Modulo de conexión a Stage Box Digital:Digital stage box connection module48 Patchcords 60cm con XLR Macho (Neutrik NC 3 MXX)48 Patchcords 60cm with XLR Male (Neutrik NC 3 MXX)Es la unión entre nuestra Digi Rack Box y la Stage Box Digital.Is the union between our Digi Rack Box and the Digital Stage Box.
Dimesiones mm (An X Al X F):Dimmensions mm (W X H X D):483 X 356 X 214483 X 356 X 214

4 Remote Boxes (12 channels)

NombreNameStage box audio formato MFStage box audio MF format
Conexión:Connection:Perpendicular superficiePerpendicular to the surface
Cableado:Wiring:Conductor de cobre desnudo 0,22m2 con apantallamiento 100% de cinta de aluminio y cubierta PVC.0,22 mm2 bare cooper conductor, shieled 100% aluminium-foil and PVC sheath
Material:Material:Caja:Box:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Piezas de uniónUnion partsAluminio 3mmAluminum 3mm
Acabado:Finish:Recubrimiento electroestático en polvo 100-150 µ con impresión directa. Distintos colores, textos, logotipos, etc. bajo petición.Powder electrostatic covering 100-150 μ with direct print. Different colour, text, logos, etc. on request.
Conectores:Connectors:12 XLRH (Neutrik DLX BAG)12 XLRF (Neutrik DLX BAG)
Multipín:Multi:1 Circular 37 Macho (Ten 47)1 Circular 37 Male (Ten 47)
Patas:Legs:Goma Diámetro 15mmRubber 15mm diameter
Asa:Handle:Perfil de aluminio doblado con revestimiento plástico.Aluminum frame folded with plastic coating.
Estuche protector:Protector case:Loneta acolchada con cierre de Velcro.Padded canvas with Velcro closure.
Dimesiones mm (An X Al X F):Dimmensions mm (W X H X D):264 X 115 X 45264 X 115 X 45

4 Snakes Multi to Multi (12 channels)

Multipínes:Multis:Circular 37 Hembra (Ten 47) a Circular 37 Hembra (Ten 47)Circular 37 Male (Ten 47) to Circular 37 Female (Ten 47)
Protección Multipines:Multis protection:Tapa protectora IP67Protective caps to IP67
Manguera:Multicore:15 metros Manguera de audio 12 pares Pínanson Ref: M691615 meter Pinanson audio Multicore 12 pairs Ref: M6916

1 Snake Multi to Fan out (48 channels)

Multipín:Multi:Circular 150 Hembra (Ten 47)Circular 150 Female (Ten 47)
Protección Multipin:Multi protection:Tapa protectora IP67Protective caps to IP67
Manguera:Multicore:5 metros de Manguera de audio 48 pares Pínanson Ref: M101495 meter Pinanson audio Multicore 48 pairs Ref: M10149
Pulpo sistema TidyFan our Tidy systemCaja:Box:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Acabado:Finish:Recubrimiento electroestático en polvo 100-150 µ.Powder electrostatic covering 100-150 μ.
Piezas de unión:Coupling parts:PolietilenoPolyethylene
Asa:Handle:Perfil de aluminio doblado con revestimiento plástico.Aluminum frame folded with plastic coating.
Revestimiento de los cables:Lining of the cables:Tubo PVC 1 metroPVC tube 1 meter
Etiquetas de los cables:Cable labels:PoliésterPolyester
Conectores:Connectors:48 XLRM (Neutrik NC 3 MXX)48 XLRM (Neutrik NC 3 MXX)

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