Snake audio Stage box to Multi

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Snake audio Stage box to Multi

audio Snake for connecting audio signals with multicore extension to Multi.
Connectors With the necessary connectors in each case.
Cable &/or multicore Pinanson
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.
Remember, we can customize all our products to suit every need.

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Material:Material:Caja:Box:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Piezas de unión:Coupling parts:Aluminio 3mmAluminum 3mm
Acabado:Finish:Recubrimiento electroestático en polvo 100-150 µ con impresión directa. Distintos colores, textos, logotipos, etc. bajo petición.Powder electrostatic covering 100-150 μ with direct print. Different colour, text, logos, etc. on request.
Conectores:Connectors:Neutrik Serie DLX BAG Neutrik DLX BAG Series
Patas:Legs:Goma Diámetro 15mmRubber 15mm diameter
Asa:Handle:Perfil de aluminio doblado con revestimiento plástico.Aluminum frame folded with plastic coating.
Prensaestopas:Cable clamp:Poliamida 6Polyamide 6
Estuche protector:Protector case:Loneta acolchada con cierre de Velcro.Padded canvas with Velcro closure.
Dimesiones mm (An X Al X F):Dimmensions mm (W X H X D):Depende de la configuración X 115 X 45Depends on the configuration X 115 X 45
Manguera:Multicore:Manguera de audio PínansonPinanson audio Multicore
Multipín:Multi:Harting, Ilme, Syntax o Ten 47Harting, Ilme, Syntax or Ten 47
Protección Multipin:Multi protection:Tipo Harting: Loneta acolchada con cierre de Velcro. Tipo Circular: Tapa protectora IP67Harting type: Padded canvas with Velcro closure. Circular type: Protective caps to IP67


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