Splitter audio MIC & LINE. Module.

Splitter audio MIC & LINE. Module.

Mic-Line level audio splitter for distributing several channels with galvanic isolation.
Features High quality transformers.
Transformer Lundahl
Outputs 2 XLRM
Connectors XLR
No. Channels 4, 6 or 8
Place Rack screw mounting
Format Box AR 19”
Manufactured In Spain by Pinanson S.L.
Remember, we can customize all our products to suit every need.
563,45968,87 (exc.IVA)
Channels 4 Channels 6 Channels 8 Channels
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Tipo de Señal:Signal:Audio nivel micro/líneaMic/line level audio
Aislamiento:Isolation:Por transformador. Por canal.By transformer. Each channel.
Nº Entradas:No. Input:1 Balanceada XLR-H. Nivel Línea.1 Balanced XLR-F. Line Level.
Salida Directa:Direct Output:1 Balanceadas XLR-M. (Phantom o Link)1 Balanced XLR-M. (Phantom or Link)
Nº Salidas:No. Outputs:2 Balanceadas XLR-M. Nivel micro/línea.2 Balanced XLR-M. Micro/line level.
Nº Canales:No. Channels:4, 6 u 8 4, 6 or 8
Respuesta en Frecuencia:Frequency response:± 0.1 dB (-57 dBu, 20Hz-20KHz)± 0.1 dB (-57 dBu, 20Hz-20KHz)
THD+N:THD+N:≤ 0.01% (-57 dBu, 1KHz)≤ 0.01% (-57 dBu, 1KHz)
CMRR:CMRR:> 70 dB (-57 dBu, 1KHz)> 70 dB (-57 dBu, 1KHz)
Formato:Format:Caja AR 19"AR 19" box


Nombre:Name:Caja AR 19"Box AR 19"
Emplazamiento:Position:Atornillable en RackRack screw mounting
Conexión:Connection:Perpendicular al rackPerpendicular to the rack
MaterialMaterialPanel frontal:Frontal Panel:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Panel trasero:Rear Panel:Aluminio extrusionadoExtruded aluminium
Piezas de uniónUnion partsAluminum 3mm y/o Acero al carbono 1,5mmAluminio 3mm and/or Carbon steel 1,5mm
Acabado:Finish:Recubrimiento electroestático en polvo 100-150 µ. Bajo petición, color e Impresión directa con texto, logotipos, etc.Powder electrostatic covering 100-150 μ. Colour and direct print with text, logos, etc. on request
Dimesiones mm (An X Al):Dimmensions mm (W X H):1RU (483 X 44,5)1RU (483 X 44,5)
2RU (483 X 89)2RU (483 X 89)
3RU (483 X 133,5)3RU (483 X 133,5)
4RU (483 X 177,8)4RU (483 X 177,8)
6RU (483 X 265,9)6RU (483 X 265,9)
Dimesiones mm (F):Dimmensions mm (D):UNI (44)UNI (44)
AR1 (91)AR1 (91)
MAM (210)MAM (210)

Datos Técnicos SAR 1DX2-4-6-8

Tech Data SAR 1DX2-4-6-8


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