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PINANSON SOLUTIONS | How does Pinanson protect the connections?

Having a basic attention in the care of the connectors in the wiring is essential to prolong the connector life time. But we already know that in the events we refer to (concerts, conferences, press conferences ...) time is scarce and there is always a hurry to run and collect cables. In the setting up of an event there is …
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TOURING WORLD INTERVIEW | Besteam - Tomorrowland (Malta)

We made some question to Brian Meli, from Besteam a touring company based in Malta (covering events like Tomorrowland - Malta), about the experience with Pinanson Digi Rack box.

A Digi Rack Box is a custom-made device for gathering, patching and distributing all the stage audio signals to the stage box and one or several digital consoles.
It provides speed and security in the connection, protection of the digital Stage box and individualized handling of preamps,

Pinanson, our provider for large scale live events

Q: Which of the commented features do you think is the most important? Others?
A: Pinanson is our provider for audio cable management when it comes to large scale live event requirements.
Q: What is the network audio system do you use?
A: Avid S6L, Avid Profile & Yamaha CL5 (FOH, Monitor & broadcast). We have 128 channels which gives us the facility to patch directly in the mixer stage boxes and also gives you the ease that stage boxes running on the stage can be patched wherever you like.
Q: Do you consider important the customization of the Pinanson Digi Rack Boxes, or do you think a standard product would be better?
A: Customization, as all requirements riders vary from one another
Q: What would you change or improve from them?
A: We are very happy with the product so far
Q: Other points you want to comment
A: n/a

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NEW AV BOXES | Floor & Wall

caja suelo tb at nt open
Built in box tb w ins
  • Built-in floor box
  • No screws
  • Connect and close
  • Built-in wall box
  • No screws
  • With push-up

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