In our range of A/V boxes we have examples of boxes that we can call standard and custom boxes.

In many occasions a customized solution is a necessary requirement due to the different situations and locations that our integrator customers have to face.

There are facilities in which it is not possible to fit a standard product since we may have problems due to: a reduced space, the obligation to replace existing boxes, the requirement of a certain aesthetic or line, certain uses, the need to versatility or a certain speed in the manufacturing process.


There are facilities in which you have to place floor boxes for stages, for example. Normally we do not have a technical floor in these cases and therefore, we will have a reduced space, between the floor and the concrete, even reaching a mere 5 cm for the placement of our junction box.

cuboid ins front view
cuboid ins 2xlr 2 bnc 4 rj45


A very common problem among users of A/V boxes is the need to replace an existing box that is deteriorated over time, either due to misuse or due to the low durability of the plastic materials with which it is built. In this situation, the gap left by this box must be perfectly replaced by another with the same width and height. In addition, the customer does not want to change the box again in a long period of time (avoiding costs and more problems) so the change has to be for the better: to be able to avoid the plastic material and choose a more durable material such as extruded aluminum.


On many occasions when the installation we are talking about is a place of worship, a museum or a hotel, the importance of maintaining a certain aesthetic is an unquestionable factor.

That the connectors “are not visible”, “are camouflaged as much as possible in the environment”, “no holes can be seen when the box is closed”… they are the usual demands of the architects of these emblematic places that our customers send us with some concern.

cuboid beige
floor box tb at PTR8443


“The box is going to be used outside a soccer field so it will get wet and could be hit”

“I need to protect the connection from the rain as much as possible when the cables are connected”

“When the box is closed you have to avoid gaps that can cause an accident when you step on it”

“The box will be exposed to the general public and I want to prevent it from opening easily”

The design and manufacture to measure for each customer allows us to attend to these specific problems that depend on the locations, the environmental conditions, the personnel that will use it … Because today, the places where A/V boxes are needed are as diverse as there are public places and therefore the conditions where these boxes will be installed will be.


There are many occasions when, in addition to connectors, it is necessary to integrate electronic modules into the boxes: such as selectors, converters, etc. On many occasions the brand that manufactures these modules also manufactures the box, so if you want to use its module you have to put it in its box. The problem comes when the standard box they offer does not meet the rest of your installation requirements and you need a solution that fits the dimensions of these modules and in which the rest of the required connectors can also be integrated.


Within the complexity of an installation, time always plays an important role. There are projects that are complicated and do not end up being modified until the last moment, if the number or type of signals changes at the last minute, the AV box must also be modified. The days go by, but the day scheduled for the opening of the auditorium or museum is immovable.

In the case of Pinanson, keeping the design and manufacturing process under our control allows us to adjust the time from when a design is requested to its manufacture to a record time of 2 days.