The company HI FI Services (Lebanon and Saudi Arabia) requested a custom made Pinanson Splitter REF. PTR7097.

This splitter, to be installed in a 19” rack, makes the distribution (passive) of 1 input to 2 outputs (isolated by transformer) + 1 direct output. To cover 48 sends and 12 return channels. The system allows a signal transmission that will be received by FOH, monitors, as well as recording audio systems, without noise problems or loss of signal. The main feature is the double input system for both XLR connectors and Harting multi-connector. It has 12 audio returns on the same equipment, as well.

This splitter is designed for use in large events such as the celebration of the Final of the King’s cup in Saudi Arabia, an event led by Maestro Group, end users of the Pinanson splitter.

Oussama Mansour Abou Faraj, Manager in HI FI Service, mentions the importance of the custom-made equipment manufactured by Pinanson:

“Of Course, customization of the products is much better of a solution as it caters exactly to our technical requirements”

“Since it is customized ordered equipment would be tailored exactly to the needs and improvement would be subject to the collaboration of the client and Pinanson”

Stage box audio formato caja AR
Stage box audio formato caja AR PTR7097