splitter prensa sa smc dante 16

Now it is possible to incorporate a press splitter into a Dante network. The new Dante SMC 16 splitters offers, in addition to its conventional audio input, an RJ45 input for a digital audio signal in Dante network. With a simple switch it is possible to select the audio input with which you are going to work: Analog or Dante. Once the input is selected, the splitter will distribute the signal to 16 outputs with volume control, isolated by transformer and with visual monitoring.

As always, in Pinanson we can adapt this option to any other splitter in the range, just request it us!

This option is a good solution for press rooms where you need to be prepared both for the transmission of conventional analog audio and for the immersion of our press distribution equipment in a Dante network within a facility.

The digital audio network is the real-time distribution of uncompressed digital audio signal through Ethernet networks and the Dante protocol is increasingly standardized.

In addition to the SMC 16 DANTE, we have the Dante Box, which are devices that convert Dante digital audio into two analogue outputs at the line level. The format can be a portable MF box or a screw-in box. But they can be adapted to any audiovisual box in the same way.